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Posted by Emmanuel Urtchman on 28th November, 2013 17:31:17

Women Foundation of Nigeria (WFN) is a non-governmental organisation established in December, 2004 by three visionary women to enlighten and empower women to contribute meaningfully and strategically for an all round development of the Nigerian polity. The need to complement government’s efforts aimed at providing good governance in Nigeria for the promotion of a holistic development is among the core values of our vision and mission statements. WFN was initially aimed at politically empowering Nigerian women but soon realised that without economic empowerment and social development, it was impossible for women to be politically empowered. It was therefore imperative to incorporate women education, economic empowerment, health and other socio-economic issues and activities to boost the status of women. Our “Catch Them Young” programme is targeted at female adolescents and young women. To this end, WFN has instituted several programmes to educate young women on socio economic and political issues, and keep them off the streets.


Ajuzie Ngozi   2013-12-04 04:44:20

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